Drinking coffee is a daily morning ritual that many look forward to. However, did you know that getting your daily latte in a coffee shop might be costing you over a month worth of rent?

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We all have different morning routines. Some of us are early risers, others alarm snoozers. However, one thing is certain, most of us are coffee drinkers.

Caffeine is a legal drug that has become so engrained in people’s lives that some cannot start their day without a morning jolt. Two of out every three American adults drink coffee everyday, averaging over 3 cups per day…

Old and rare whisky has proven to be a lucrative investment in the past 10 years, outperforming most securities and other luxury assets. It is also perceived by many as a great hedge and store of value in this wild and erratic financial market. However, how does one start investing in whisky?

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In the previously published article ‘Investing in Whisky — The New Gold’, whisky was assessed as a potential investment option. …

Coffee has become a staple in our every day routine. Most people know exactly which coffee shop, the kind of roast, or the type of coffee they relish most. But, as you pay for your coffee at your favorite store, have you ever wondered who is taking the biggest share of the proceeds? Who are the biggest winners and losers in the coffee industry?

The way humans came across coffee is still unknown but one of the widely accepted theories is that coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia before the 9th century, when a shepherd noticed that his goats were…

In this wild and untamed financial market, investors are struggling to find the ideal investment opportunities. The bulls are rushing into the stock market with the conviction that there is plenty of growth left and the bears are looking for the ideal hedge to protect their liquidity. Gold is the obvious choice when it comes to hedging but what if I told you that many are also considering whisky to be even safer and more profitable.

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No one was ready for what 2020 had to offer. In an already frothy financial market, many believed the growth run to be limited…

Jimmy El Gemayel

Jimmy is curious and unapologetically opinionated. He’s a management consultant, trying not to let his busy schedule get in the way of his many passions in life

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